Debrah Day Laxson, author of The Gray Zone

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The Gray Zone
The patient is no longer able to speak, and you're responsible for making medical decisions…
The Gray Zone by Deborah Day LaxsonIt's that fuzzy place where it's not clear if life-support measures are really supporting life and allowing the body to heal, or only masking the reality that death is inevitable. The medical staff gives you options and possible treatments, and then they look expectantly to you. When do you let go and stop? When is enough, enough? You make decisions based on what you know from your medical team and what you know about your loved one's definitions of quality of life. You do the best you can. You're in The Gray Zone. It's a really lonely place to be.

Preparing for The Gray Zone
If you've agreed to be a health care agent for your friend or loved one, you could find yourself in the gray zone – you likely never imagined yourself in that situation, nor what it would feel like to be entrusted with that level of responsibility. Whether you're suddenly forced into the gray zone by tragic accident, or know it might be a possibility due to terminal illness, The Gray Zone by Deborah Day Laxson will help you to prepare for and navigate through the overwhelming feelings and uncertainty you'll face; offering clarity and understanding of what it means to put your own feelings aside to honor the wishes of your friend or loved one.